A New Plaza in San Francisco!



Join  the Yerba Buena Communit Benefit District and the San Francisco Planning Department’s Pavement to Parks program along side CMG Landscape Architecture for the grand opening of Annie Street Plaza on Wednesday evening!

“Dear Friends,

Please join us in celebrating the Grand Opening of Annie Street Plaza this Wednesday evening!

Sponsored by the Yerba Buena Community Benefit District and designed by CMG Landscape Architecture, the pedestrian plaza is a key project identified in the Yerba Buena Street Life Plan.  Among the plan’s goals are increased pedestrian safety and activation of alleyways in the Yerba Buena neighborhood. The installation includes new seating, greenery and lighting and will allow for a variety of programs such as picnics, film screenings, music, and dance performances throughout the week and year.

WHEN:           Wednesday, November 19, 5:00 -9:00 p.m.; ceremony to begin at 5:00 p.m. followed

by an acoustic concert.

WHERE:        Annie Street at Mission Street

Annie Street Plaza was a collaborative effort with the Yerba Buena Community Benefit District, San Francisco Pavement to Parks, and Supervisor Jane Kim’s Office.

For more information on the project, please visit http://pavementtoparks.sfplanning.org//annie_alley.html​


The Pavement to Parks Team

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20141111-Career Day Panel

Tomorrow night!!!! Join visionaries and leaders in the field of Landscape Architecture and Planning for The School of Landscape Architecture’s annual  Professional Panel. Come hear about the latest projects in the works, and learn about the opportunities and challenges of working as a Landscape Architect internationally

When: Tuesday Nobember 11th, 6:30 pm

Where: 601 Brannan Street, First Floor Presentation Space.

Online Students: The presentation will be streamed live on line with opportunities to chat live for Q&A

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winnerA big congratulations to students Nahal Sohbati (MFA), and Eric Arneson (BFA) for their winning entry SUBLIMATION!!!

Sublimation will be built at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show in March 2015. If you are interested in being a part of the build team for this exciting project, join the ASLA Student Affiliate Chapter meetings on Wednesdays at 2:00pm at 601 Brannan in Room 114.

EArneson - NSohbati_Page_2

EArneson - NSohbati_Page_1


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T-Shirt Design Competition

Misa - Final Revision


The ASLA Student Affiliate Chapter of invite all students of the School of Landscape Architecture  (online and  onsite) to enter a t-shirt design competition. Designs for the t-shirts must be representative of the ASLA Student Affiliate Chapter.

How to Enter: 

How to Vote: 

  • Your designs will be posted both online and onsite for voting from November 17th and November 21st
  • To vote onsite, use the ballots provided to vote for your t-shirt of choice
  • to vote online, keep an eye on the blog during the week of November 17th to see the various t-shirt designs as well as a link to vote
  • The winner will be announced on November 24th


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20141105- Design Opp Meeting

Join the School of Landscape Architecture and the ASLA Student Affiliate Chapter on Wednesday November 5th at 2:00 pm for a meeting to discuss exciting design, build, and competition opportunities.

The meeting will be held at 601 Brannan Street in the first floor presentation space (room 114).

Three particular opportunities will be discussed:

  • 2015 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show – announcement of winning design team and sign up for build team
  • 2015 Chinese New Year Parade Float Design – sign up to be on the design team
  • MH17 International Memorial Competition – form a design team

We look forward to seeing you there!



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A call for design entries has been set forth by matterbetter  for a memorial to commemorate the ill fate of the MH17 flight that was shot down over the Ukraine/Russia border on July 17th, 2014.
From the matterbetter website:
“matterbetter is inviting young architects and students to participate in open-ideas international competition for MH17 Memorial + Park in Amsterdam. This competition aims to explore and research possible themes and directions of the Memorial representation. Matterbetter team is the only organizer of this competition. Any references to the involvement of the municipality of Amsterdam in this project are incorrect.
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) was a scheduled international passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was shot down on 17 July 2014, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board. The Boeing 777-200ER airliner lost contact about 50 km (31 mi) from the Ukraine–Russia border and crashed near Torez in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, 40 km from the border.
The aircraft crashed outside Hrabove, near Torez in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast.The fireball on impact is believed to have been captured on video. Photographs from the site of the crash show scattered pieces of broken fuselage and engine parts, bodies, and passports. Some of the wreckage fell close to houses in Hrabove. Dozens of bodies fell into crop fields, and some fell into houses.
All 283 passengers and 15 crew died. The crew were Malaysian and 193 passengers were Dutch, while many of the other passengers were Australians and Malaysians. By 19 July, the airline had determined the nationalities of all 298 passengers and crew.
Among the passengers were delegates en route to the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, including Joep Lange, a former president of the International AIDS Society, which organized the conference. Also on board were Dutch senator Willem Witteveen Australian author Liam Davison, and Malaysian actress Shuba Jay. At least twenty family groups were on board the aircraft, and eighty of the passengers were children.
Mission Statement:
An international open ideas competition for architects and students is initiated to remember and honor the victims of the MH17 tragedy. This man-made tragedy has influenced thousands of lives in direct or indirect manner across the entire world. Most of all this tragedy has affected the Netherlands – the Dutch nation that lost 193 souls in this catastophe. Therefore Amsterdam, the departure point of this one way flight, was selected as a location for the MH17 Memorial.
MATTERBETTER has proposed to design an artificial island in the IJmeer in Amsterdam as a foundation for the MH17 Memorial. We believe that the memorial has to be for everyone – the place for the people who are directly connected to the tragedy and for the population of the world in general. Because of its location the memorial has to be addressed to a broader public, as it will be visited by various groups of people. It should form a new public space – the place for remembrance, ceremonies, recreation, private gatherings and should become a vital point of the Amsterdam cultural infrastructure.
MH17 Memorial has to be free from the political overtone and should not directly express the tragedy in a type of a monologue – it should allow individuals to experience through the space and form their own memories and emotions. Human presence is vital. The Memorial has to become an inviting place open for physical interaction, the place that honors remembrances, respect for life and a preservation of peace.
It was decided that the MH17 Memorial site will accomodate a landscape park in addition to its main purpose in order to become a green axis that will connect the Old Center and the North of Amsterdam and strengthen the location that is reclaimed from the water – symbolizing traditional collaboration of the Dutch people with the nature.”
For more information about the design guidelines, site, and schedule of deliverables visit http://matterbetter.com/competitions/show/4
Happy designing, and  GOOD LUCK!
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NOMADgardens – Build a Succulent Terrarium Event!


Looking for something fun to do this Sunday? Join NOMADgardens for a Succulent Terrarium building workshop!

“Do you like succulents? Have you been coveting your friend’s beautiful terrarium?
Come learn about succulents and how they work with Madalyn Watkins, a true plant expert. Not only will you learn about them, you’ll get to design and build your own custom terrarium to take home with you! ” – Source: NOMADgardens

Sign up HERE 

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2015 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show  Concept Design Competition

It’s time to join the School of Landscape Architecture in voting for the 2015 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show design!!!! Review the designs below, Vote for your preferred design, and wait for the announcement next week as to which design will be built at the 2015 SF Flower and Garden Show!

How to vote:

Onsite students:  Review the designs posted in 601 Brannan, room 114 and cast your ballot in the box provided

Online students: Review the designs posted below and vote for your preferred design using the link provided at the bottom of this blog post



EArneson - NSohbati_Page_2

EArneson - NSohbati_Page_1




Thu (Jerry) Doan_Garden Show Spring 2015

Thu (Jerry) Doan_Garden Show Spring 2015 (1)


Now that you have had a chance to review the design entries….VOTE HERE: http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=544e7432e4b0bb916293c816


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Sascha Glasl | Space&matter | Amsterdam | MONDAY NIGHT | 6:30 pm

Lecture 4

The School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the Academy of Art University is proud to welcome another exciting guest to the Fall Lecture Series. This time an innovative young office from Amsterdam who with their unique approach is increasingly gaining recognition throughout the Netherlands and also abroad:

Sascha Glasl | Space&matter | Amsterdam

Monday October 27th 6:30pm • www.spaceandmatter.nl

Space&matter is an Amsterdam based office for architecture, urban planning and concept development. After it’s foundation in early 2009, the office has developed itself rapidly. Led by its founding partners Sascha Glasl, Tjeerd Haccou and Marthijn Pool, a skilled team of international designers, works on a wide range of projects of various scales.

Their approach as described in their own words: “As architecture and planning touch on all social and cultural levels of society, we realize our influence and responsibility reach far beyond the spatial realm. It is here where our ambition lies and we see opportunities to develop spatial solutions for sociocultural issues and to create relevant designs that connect people. Accordingly, the designs and strategies that space&matter produces are mainly focused on performing in their social context. They are strong architectural frameworks that trigger interaction and offer space for personal taste and freedom.

Rather than just being reactive, we like to initiate projects and proactively involve ourselves in matters that we consider as relevant. This level of independence enables us to develop innovative processes and methodologies. Setting up knowledge and entrepreneurial networks around our own interests and fascinations has proven to be an effective way to realize our ambitions.

With backgrounds in urban planning, architecture, research, BIM and graphic design, our team has a wide angle view on the world and a strong set of skills that back up our thinking. Being generalists we share an interest in different fields of study and highly value interdisciplinary collaborations. Drawing from these sources, our office has an output that ranges from teaching and writing, to designing concepts, buildings, urban plans and strategies.“

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A PROFESSIONAL PANEL: Landscape Architecture on the International Spectrum

20141111- Professional Panel

Join visionaries and leaders in the field of Landscape Architecture and Planning for The School of Landscape Architecture’s annual  Professional Panel. Come hear about the latest projects in the works, and learn about the opportunities and challenges of working as a Landscape Architect internationally

When: Tuesday Nobember 11th, 6:30 pm

Where: 601 Brannan Street, First Floor Presentation Space.

Online Students: The presentation will be streamed live on line with opportunities to chat live for Q&A

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