Ben Heine’s “Pencil VS Camera”

Have you ever wished your fantasy can become a reality?

Ben Heine is a multidisciplinary visual artist that developed a collection of images he calls “Pencil VS Camera.” Heine mixes photographs with drawings to create stories within the images as a whole. In all of his images, he usually puts a handmade drawing in front of a colorful photograph. With the drawings always being in black and white against the colorful photos in the background, one can notice the deep color contrast between the two mediums.

Heine has certain themes in his images such as love, freedom, death, and friendship; but he also focuses on nature, people, and architecture. This series has deeply influence the graphic design community and created chatter along the Internet. He claims that the inspiration of “Pencil VS Camera” came to him when he was writing a letter at home in Belgium.

Hopefully Ben Heine’s images can inspire your imagination!

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