Fashion as Inspiration

As the Academy of Art Univeristy Landscape Architecture Department gears up for the 2013 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, we’re on the look out for what kind of designs are coming out of garden shows around the world.  “La Muñeca”, a design by Oglo  , a French Architecture and Landscape Architecture firm, was inspired by fashion and the human body and won first prize at the 2011 Allariz Garden Festival.

Project Description:

Whatever culture fashion is part of, whatever time and place it refers to, its essence finds its roots in the characteristics of the human body. Only the being’s dimensions and proportions matter. Its peculiarities, its flaws, its disadvantages are sublimed by creation and become the assets, the basis, the nourishing roots of fashion. They structure its path, define its substance, and guide its function. Static and still when unworn, fashion transforms itself; it evolves in space once inhabited. It also shelters life. It takes over, welcomes and protects it. Once wrapped around the being, fashion, lifeless until then, comes alive.

What do you think about this design?

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