From Parking to Patio!


The pocket patio at 804 Congress in Austin, Texas, transforms four side-angled, city-owned parking spaces into a dynamic patio and social gathering area. Created to serve customers of the Café Medici coffee window and tenants of the adjacent office building, the patio is a lively destination, brimming with activity throughout the day. dwg. worked with the building owner Gone to Texas, to successfully reimagine the typical office building entry experience into a front porch style setting, expanding the lobby into the right of way.


The space features two separate patios, connected by movable seating and tree island decking. The south patio has an elevated countertop along its edge, connected to a large raised planter and movable café tables and chairs. The north patio has several custom, built-in tables with a bench integrated into the planter. The custom planters are crafted from steel and were built on-site. The seating and counters are made of sealed composite beam. Furniture selections offer a variety of seating options and the varying counter heights allow for leaning, standing and sitting. The rocking chairs have proven to be the most popular seating options, and can generally be found filled with people looking for a break in their work day. Native and adaptive planting throughout the deck offers respite from the surrounding sidewalk and pavement. Existing trees offer ample shade for the patio visitors.


Find out more about this project here!

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