Full Scale!

One of the ways to ensure your design is going to be built exactly as planned is to construct a full scale mock up. This is precisely what the LAN 498/695 students did over the weekend in the 601 Brannan Parking lot. The reason behind this exercise was to ensure that the design had been “measured twice, cut once”, so that they can dodge any unexpected surprises when they build the exhibit at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.

The entire class pitched in, and within a 3 hour time frame, the shell of the design had been constructed. The floor plan was laid out in real space, locations of all major spaces were delineated, studs went up, moon gate went in, painting was done, and seating was placed.

Despite the exhaustion and sore muscles, the students kept smiles on their faces the entire time, and helped realize what will surely be a winning design when it is installed at the show over the next weekend!

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