Landscape Architecture Facilitates… Democracy???

Every country has its history and its past. Some have struggled a little more than others have. Some have fallen along the road and some have risen like superheroes. Common for all countries is that they are the way they are today because of their people and their actions. Kuwait has had its tough times, but shows now, the path towards democracy.

In 2012 Al Amiri Diwan, the government agency, decided to build a garden inside Al Shaheed Park in Kuwait City to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Constitution of Kuwait and to erect a monument, a titanium brass sculpture, that shows the path to democracy of the State of Kuwait.

Constitution Garden sculpture and fountain. Photo Credit: Mohamed Abd El-Maguid©

With Kuwait being a country in the Middle East, it has a hot and arid climate. Designing and building a park is therefore complex. The differences in temperatures between winter and summer are huge, it can get up to 50 degrees Celsius, and sandstorms are frequent. Usually one does not sit, walk or stop because of the heat and the direct sun radiation.

SdARCH Trivelli&Associati was hired to design this important Constitution Garden. How did they manage the complex task of designing with democracy, an arid climate, and landscape architecture?

Find out how in the full article!

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