Park(ing) Day 2014!

,parkingday_alldate_headerOn the third Friday in September every year, Park(ing) Day, conscientious citizens take to the streets, reclaim public parking spaces and convert them to temporary one-day public open spaces!

In 2013, the School of Landscape Architecture’s ASLA Student Affiliate Chapter took the lead in participating in this important and exciting event by creating a space that was home to a Bicycle powered cell phone charging station. The design was successful in pulling in pedestrians from the street and creating a space in which people could interact, get a bit of exercise in, all while charging their phones. You can see some of the images from this event below:






With Park(ing) Day 2014 only a few short weeks away, we encourage you to join the School of Landscape Architecture’s ASLA Student Affiliate Chapter in designing and implementing another successful installation.

You can get in touch with the ASLA student Affiliate Chapter by requesting to be added to their Facebook Group, and/or contacting the President, Eric Arneson via email at “” to request information about the Fall inaugural ASLA student Affiliate Chapter meeting where Park(ing) Day will be discussed.

So, Put on your thinking caps and get ready to create and engage with your AAU and San Francisco community!

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