Pier 55 to start construction in the Summer!


Recently, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers decided to modify its existing permit to allow the reconstruction of Pier 54, now known as Pier 55, in Hudson River Park, paving the way for The Hudson River Park Trust (HRPT) and Pier55 Inc. to move forward with construction this summer.

Pier 55 will provide 2.7 acres of new public park and performance space in Hudson River Park at West 13th Street. In addition to enhancing the park’s robust environmental, arts and educational programming, the Pier 55 program will foster new partnerships with schools and will provide opportunities for emerging local talent.

Pier55: A New Green Space on the Hudson from Pier55 on Vimeo.

With an undulating design created by Thomas Heatherwick and landscape architect Signe Nielsen, Pier 55 will be, first and foremost, a public park pier. It will include walking paths, rolling hills, seating areas, and open lawns for recreation. The park will provide many places for people to do what they love to do in parks, including enjoying water views, people watching, walking, jogging, and relaxing in a peaceful outdoor space. The project also will provide a new home for art, cultural and educational events, and performances. Its design expressly allows a wide range of simultaneous experiences and concurrent uses; while some park-goers are attending a performance, others will be enjoying recreational activities elsewhere on the pier.


“As stewards of the Hudson River, the Trust worked carefully to reconstruct Pier 54 in a way that would be respectful of the environment,” said Madelyn Wils, President & CEO of the Hudson River Park Trust. “The Pier 55 project is a shining example of what innovative public-private partnerships can accomplish for the good of the city, and now that the regulatory agencies have issued their permits, we are excited to be in a position to start construction.”

“So many in our community have lined up behind this fantastic project, and today, we can celebrate, because Pier55 is moving forward,” said Mike Novogratz, Chair of the Friends of Hudson River Park. “Today is a day to look forward: to the project’s construction, and to its completion, when we’ll be lucky to have one of the great park piers of the city — anywhere, really — right here in our backyard, to share with all New Yorkers for years to come.”

The pier will be open to the public throughout the year, with the same operating hours as the rest of Hudson River Park.  Like all of the public park piers in Hudson River Park, Pier 55 will be maintained by HRPT staff.

“The approval of Pier 55 is a win for all New Yorkers who want to enjoy more quality public park space in our city,” said Tupper Thomas, executive director of New Yorkers for Parks. “HRPT and Pier55 Inc. are to be commended for their commitment to transparency and community engagement throughout a rigorous review process.”

Images Credit | Courtesy of The Hudson River Park Trust (HRPT) and Pier55 Inc.

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