Summer Classes; LAN 117

General Maister Memorial Park, Slovenia - Bruto Landscape Architecture

Many of you are in search of classes to take this summer. For the next week, we’ll be posting information about the summer courses that are available in the Landscape Architecture department. Take a look at your different options, and sign up!

LAN 117: Survey of Landscape Architecture

Topics covered:

  • Landscape perception; What IS Landscape Architecture?
  • Responsibilities, challenges and potential of the 21st century landscape architect
  • The history and future of landscape architecture
  • The complex role landscape architects have in the shaping of human spaces at various scales
  • How values, ecological processes, and cultural influences can affect positive change in the environment.
  • Control of and compromise with the natural environment
  • Landscape as urban infrastructure
  • Environmental issues as they relate to the profession
  • Relationship of landscape architecture to other design professionals
  • Current practice of landscape architecture in the public and private sectors
  • The Public Landscape: European precedents of urban open space
  • Design of the landscape: land, water and plants
  • Site planning and design: Issues, Inventory and Analysis
  • Regional planning case studies: environmental imperatives
  • The state and national park system in the United States
  • The education and licensure of a landscape architect.
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