What a Bat-astrophe!

The Nature Concert Hall is made up of 10,000 paper bats comprising a unified component. The main inspiration for the whole installation might be the unpredictable shapes of nature. From the far distance, this piece of art implies an image of a flock of bats converging on the main stage in the middle. Indeed, the original design intent is to generate dynamic geometries, imitating natural features.

Nature Concert Hall 2016. Photograph Credit: Uldis Lapins

In considering the flock of bats, it is noticeable that its density changes from the edge toward the center, implying an image of flying and levitation; using thin wire and a natural-looking wooden column helps to camouflage most of the artificial elements, attracting more attention to the flock. This flock is intended to serve as a screen for video and light projections. Obviously, the abnormal pattern of this special screen would create an interesting lighting effect for the shows.

Nature Concert Hall 2016. Photograph Credit: Uldis Lapins

To find out more about this project, read the full article here!

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